My offers for you:

❤️ Stärkung deiner Potenziale mit dem Herz. Aus dem Herz in die Mitte kommen.

My long-distance help is about the release of burdens and sorrowful experiences.

My guidance involves individual remote frequencies and quantum healing for individuals.

With this I can support you with the following challenges:

  • For applications
  • during life upheavals
  • everyday stress management
  • Self confidence and intuition training
  • Harmonization of your energy field
  • and much more...

If you are interested in working with, there are two ways to go about it:

Your personal light field for 111€

Offer for 4 weeks /telephone consultation /protection number / positive affirmation and guidance for your inner alignment:
  • What inspiration and nurturing impulses are important?
  • What falls away?
  • What should be renewed?
  • Your professional or family environment?
  • Or is a change of residence imminent?

Blocking Habits:
  • General detoxification of dietary habits
  • General detoxification of dietary habits
  • Allow regeneration and breaks
  • The grass does not grow faster...

Demarcation and interior spaces
Beliefs activate us and direct unconscious robbing certain behavior patterns, these are called and New Valuable Subsequently free of self-doubt disturbed Newly led into the field!

Your group light field for 22.22€

The participants register for the respective topic / life circumstance or calendar time by email with me and I activate the field for them for the period of 3 days. Their task is to receive their potential strength and their realignment.

FULL MOON Ceremony
Three days of light impulses
Which cycle closes ...?
What launches New ..?
You can find the corresponding dates here

NEW MOON ceremony

Three days of light impulses
Release / Rebuild

Other topics:

Abundance and Success/Money Flow Abundance and success are starting energies that energetically align with the flow of your/your projects.
This is possible in both personal and professional areas.
The basis of this is the clear direction and decision for his wealth.

Contact Me!

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