"Loving life more deeply"

Christiane Elisabeth Weber

In my energy therapy training in 2003 I was intensively engaged in soul work through the inner images of cognition and their present-day reflection (fractal patterns) in everyday life.

I have completed the classical Reiki, coach and shaman trainings, which form the basis for all my Time Waver consultations. For this I use the Time Waver Pro, Healy and the Biotensor.

The focus here is on the subtle organ constellation with a view to the book of life and the dissolution of old patterns and entanglements. 

The basis here is experience/training in the framework of personality informatics and psychological psychomotricity with consideration of the specific databases. 

Sustained, daily counseling with Time Waver is the practical foundation of my 35 years of practice first at Children's Hospital and later at the Naturopathic Day Clinic. 

I support you to make changes from the heart, liberated for a happy life. I am here for you online and in person (0151/11048118)!